How to become a Lender

Hizzil Allows Licensed Mortgage Lenders to market (3) of their loan products to their local area - 25 mile radius from their office address.
To market your loan products for Free:
1) Register a Free Account.

2) Email
Subject: New Lender.
Body: Hizzil Username, Lender State and License#

3) Hizzil will confirm and send Email when Lender Member Approved.
Then add your Lender Profile and Add your three (3) loan products with application link.
Confirm Wishlist are qualified to be added to search.

Ron Byrom with Loan Depot
would like to assist with your home search and market your pre-approval as an anonymous Wishlist.
Instantly register an account, then create your Wishlist. Lender will approve Wishlist when qualified.

Invitations & Wishlists

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