Selling your Home?...Find buyers in your area and invite them to purchase. Let buyers know special features of your house, special incentives to buy.

Click on Buyer on Map, Then Click "Suggest Property".


How to Price my house?
Invite buyers and their Realtor and start with the price you believe it is worth. Follow a discounted/selling timeframe. 3rd party websites offer market valuations.
Discounted/ Selling timeframe?
30/60/90/120 day value ranges. The faster you want to sell...the lower price. Higher price than it's comparables may take more time and a specific buyer.
Selling and the Real Estate Agent?
Presume the Real Estate Agent works for the buyer's interest. In most States, A Real Estate Agent can fairly work both sides of a Real Estate transaction, but some states the agent must represent only the Buyer. Sellers are encouraged to read the "selling safeguards" and have a local Real Estate Attorney / title company, review contracts.
How do I Save Money?
Hizzil saves on the total commission. Most Real Estate contracts average 6% commission for 2 agents. Hizzil connects buyers and sellers through 1 Realtor, saving half or 3% commission, which equates to $9,000 savings on a $300,000 house.
Why pay a Buyer's Agent?
There are many facets to a real estate transaction. A good real estate agent provides wisdom and enhances the transaction.
Sellers...Is this the right place to sell?
Hizzil is a platform for sellers who can perform the selling duties included in the Seller's Checklist...such as preparing the home to be sold, setting and confirming showings and negotiating the contract details.
What is an appraisal?
The buyer's lender will order an appraisal...or a 3rd party fair market value. The lender will NOT loan above this appraisal value.
What is an "As-Is" contract?
"AS-IS" to a seller is not always As-Is. If your buyer is financing, the lender and insurance will REQUIRE specific conditions are met. For Example, most insurance companies will not insure a home with a roof over 20 years. IF the seller wants the property to qualify for financing, then the roof will have to be replaced prior to sale. CASH buyers will be the only true "As-Is" sale for there are no contingencies placed by 3rd parties.
Know your Buyer Pool
Prepare your home by buyer type. If the primary buyer for your property is an FHA buyer, then it is best to have functionality items such as roof, A/C and appliances working. If you have a luxury buyer, it may be best to upgrade cosmetic items and fixtures.
Why Pay Commission?
Real Estate agents are showing properties in your neighborhood today...selling homes to buyers whom they may have been showing houses to for months/years. Entice agents to want to show your property. *All sellers active on Hizzil have agreed to a 3% commission to the buyer's agent, unless specifically written in selling notes.
How is Hizzil Different?
99% of people viewing your home for sale on most internet websites are buyers that just like to look at houses...Not Qualified. At Hizzil, directly invite the Real Estate Agent that is showing properties to your potential buyer pool.

3 Steps to Sell

Selling Steps

1) Search Buyers
  • Click Search Buyers above
  • Enter property address and click "Find Buyers".

2) Invite Qualified Buyers

  • Invite Realtor and their buyer client
  • Add your property and invite buyers selected.

3) Showings and Offers

  • Set Showings with Realtors
  • Receive offers and negotiate directly with buyer's agent.

Seller's Checklist

My 8 Step Checklist

1) Prepare to Sell your home
Identify your property’s buyer pool, 3 top property features, fill out a seller’s property disclosure and prepare for picky buyers and obsessive home inspectors. Most buyers will require financing and insurance, (require a 4-point inspection for insurance) and appraisal.
2) Inspect and Repair
Most buyers will require financing and insurance to purchase your repair items that will facilitate financing. FHA and VA loans require the property to be move-in ready, no wood rot, all appliances working, roof in good condition and ready for buyers to move into.
3) House Photo-shoot
Photo-shoot...turn on all lights, open blinds, turn fans off and rearrange furniture and personal items to make the room larger. Take photos horizontal and try to get as many walls in a photo as possible. Move extra personal items into one room or garage.
4) List your Property.
Your property is ready to sell and for buyers to view. Fill out the “Add Listing” form to add your property listing and save. You can edit any information on the edit page and share a link if your property is listed or previously listed on a 3rd party site. Your listing will display on your seller portal.
5) Search and Invite Buyers
Search buyer’s Wishlists by entering your address to view buyers in your area. Wishlist includes buyer’s Lender, Realtor, budget and their Must Have’s. When a buyer Wishlist matches your listing, click on the “add buyer to Invite Cart”, then check the buyer to invite to your listing.
6) Set Showings and Receive Offers
When a buyer accepts your invitation, it will display on your Seller dashboard and their Realtor will reach out to you via your showing instructions. Regarding net proceeds, ask the Realtor for an estimated seller's proceeds with offer, prior to taxes and lien.
7) Contract and Contingencies
A contract starts the contingency period...Appraisal is ordered, Inspections begin. Some buyers will bring a full team of inspectors so this is when your pre-listing preparations will come to light. Insurance company and appraiser may ask for repairs for buyer’s loan contingencies.
8) Walk Thru and Closing
The Buyer will usually "walkthru" the property prior to closing to make sure everything is in order and home is ready and clean for transfer. The title company will handle closing and dispersing of the funds and deeds. Congratulations!